I've always wondered which band had the real "punk" and which ones were mainstream and say they're punk. The only punk or so called punk bands I listen to are Green Day and Rancid. Are they considered real punk or just maistream? And do you have any suggestions on which punk bands to listen to?

as lp345 said BIG BLACK! (albini rules!) and also, (i dunno if you can call em mainstream), but the stooges!!!
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Green Day, NOFX, and Rancid are all punk bands.

They're just alot more poppier than most bands in the other punk sub-genres. That's why the genre is called pop punk.

Every band that plays punk music, is real punk. Doesn't matter if it's crust, street punk, or pop-punk. They're all forms of punk rock..
There's no best band of any genre. It's all a matter of opinion.

Edit: I retract my previous statement. The best tru punx is GG Allin.
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Check out the modern rock/pop rock section of the Recommendations thread.
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Also, TS, just read other threads in this forum, figure out which one you like best, and then listen to Subhumans because they're way better than any punk band ever