hi all, im new to this site , so i ll start off by introducin myself, im johnny !! i bought a guitar over the xmas , so im only startin out. my friend has that guitar pro 5 program on his computer. i was wonderin are all the songs u can download off this site and the songs that u get with guitar pro correct ? i was lookin at some guitar tabs on dis site and i read the comments and accordin to the comments the guitar tabs were 100% correct but wen i looked at the tabs on guitar pro of the same songs the tabs were different !! so i was just wonderin which 1s are correct ??? and any advice u wood like to give to a newbie wood be greatly appreciated. ty !!!!
look for the tabs with highest rates on it and look at the comments to see if the possitive.

welcome have funits a great site
sometimes the tabs are a bit different. answer me this. you do know how the fretboard works right? cause sometimes they put different tabs but it sounds the same. let me give an example. say we played on the frist E string. fret number two. if you were to play the B string fret number six, its exactly the same note. just on another string. so all you have to really worry about is how many stars the tab has to know its correct and how easy it is to play. cause sometimes people make it hella hard when it doesnt have to be.
what i do is i grab the tab with the best rating, and since it's probably not perfect, figure the rest out by ear. once you've got the gist of the song, it's not that hard to just listen to it and figure a few licks out
ty for ur replys, i no wat u mean freak but i dont no it off by heart yet. wood ye have an advice on strumming ? i got the chords for wonderwall and tried to play it a few times but got annoyned because i cud nt do the correct strumming, so im learnin good riddance by green day at the moment, which is goin good so far !!
honestly when it comes to strumming you just do it how you think is right.. idk if that makes sense but what i mean is you could strum upwards two times and strum downwards once and just do some random strumming sequence. its pretty much how comfortable you feel