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january 20th

she sat on the swing every night
swaying back and forth for an hour or two
staring out into her yard
and when she went back inside
she'd leave the porch light on.
she'd pause and look up beneath her runway lights
she'd never see neither star nor plane.
until one night, beneath an overcast, foggy sky,
she turned out the porch lights and walked back inside.

but on january 20th,
she walked beyond the hammock
in her backyard. past a stained sun dress
strewn beneath a cracked laundry line.
past the long weeds giving a swaying salute
to the passing rose bushes.
until she reached a poet on a stage,
reading words writ and rehearsed,
and glanced at every damn pair of eyes
from here to Nazareth. crying.
and colorblind.

Color (Yay For Ocean Travelling, Boring Nights and Lame Ideas)

I took a piece of paper
from the top of my desk.
put it in the shredder
watched it turn into
small bits of white.
tear them a bit more,
with my scissorhands.
saw them move slightly
by the sighing of my mouth.
decided they needed color
to make them stand out. I went through
our old photos and picked
up the best ones. cut them up
in little pieces; till the
point where our faces
weren't recognisable anymore. just dots
and little geometric shapes
of rainbows all over the place.
home-made confetti, made with memories.
it was pretty. I made a pile,
grabbed it with both hands and threw it up in the air.
had a party there by myself. watched
shades of red, pink, green and blue
soflty floating through the room;
new colors forming.
I smiled - it made me happy.
wrote a poem about it,
felt good;
titled it "color"
(no you).

Untitled #1

I stopped.
Studied the red brick houses to my left.
Red cement.
Navy blue piping.
Worn down window frames,
with gloss coated double glazing.
Took in the atmosphere,
the colours,
the coding,

and the only thing I noticed
was that I was going blind.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
None of them were spectacular. Orange did the most for me out of the three.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.