On my local Craigs List there is a Peavey T-60 listed for $250. Would this be a good deal? According to the seller everything works. If anyone has one of these I would appreciate some feedback on how it plays and especially on how much it weighs. Thank you.
there nice, too me the tone is better then the playabillity but thats just my opnion. i think 250 is a great price for it, you should get it, specilly if you got the money layin round. i think johnny copeland played one.. not too sure though.
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u just got to love fat strats.... and i really like the ones that hav 2 single pick upsm then the humbucker near the bridge... very nice =)
Well I have been in the market for a new guitar for a while. I had been looking at a Satellite Model 90/T on ebay, but its about $150 more expensive and no one I talked to could give me any real info on it. I think this weekend I am going to see if I can play the T-60 and get a feel for it.