iv been trying to find some stuff out about my tokai les paul custom like what model it is and what wood etc , i went onto the tokai guitar registry website and it said that korean models dont have a serial number on the headstock, so it must be japanese because it has a printed serial number.

the number on the back of the headstock is 200xxxxx, does this mean it was made in 1982 because on the website it says serial numbers begining with 20 means '82

see, i dont think this is right as i only bought it last year?
so it cant be a 1982 model if i bought it last year?, could it?

any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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have you tried the tokai registry forum? lots of helpful guys there who can probably help better than we can. EDIT: if you bought it new last year it's probably not a 1982 model...
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http://www.tokaiforum.com/ that site should help you, and if you bought it new last year, then there's no way in hell its an 82. I'm pretty sure you're not reading it right, if it says 200, then im pretty sure the number after it is 8 which would make it an 08, I bought mine used and its a 91.
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