All over
the surface
spill the cup
dont give a fu ck

Get me wrong
I'm not strong
but i'm strong enought
to fu ck it UP

Chorus (kinda):

Master your luck
make it stuck
at point zero
and fu ck it all up


Once i'm done
the first born son
shall go on

with every step
towards the end
i'm getting stronger
the world shall fall

the song as you might have noticed is political. (my first try in that area)
comments, and stuff like that plz =)

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I don't agree with swearing in songs, I don't know why but they just always sound extreme and angry, it's ok if you're going for that approach. I don't get how this song is political. It's also very short. What kinda style would it be? I'm guessing metal. Some of the sentences don't make sense. I think it could be improved. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, I'm trying to be constructive lol. If you could crit my songs, preferably the ones towards the end of the list but all of them if you're feeling generous. See sig. Thanks and hope this helped
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