I've been playing bass since August, and I love it. Something in me though is telling me I want to play guitar though. I'm also getting tired of trying to figure out how to play songs on bass (since a LOT of songs don't have tabs), but maybe that'll get a lot easier the longer I play? There is something appealing about being able to play most songs without having to tab it yourself, but I like being a human beat machine. What do you guys suggest I do?
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there's nothing wrong with playing both
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Is your question to whether your not you should trade in your bass for a guitar?
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Most bass guitarists are at least somewhat familiar with the guitar. In fact, practically everyone involved in music is somewhat familiar with the guitar. Sometimes it's good to switch instruments for a little while, maybe you'll find inspiration there.
I play bas, and have a cheap guitar, i use it for song writing and mesing around on, nothing more.
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im actually the opposite...i have played guitar for almost 1 year and a half, and recently had a terrible urge to play bass...so i bought one, and i dont regret it for a second...sometimes, change is good...

anyway, nothing wrong playing two instruments as many have said

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I played guitar for 5 years before I picked up the bass....it was(luckily for me) an easy switch.

Learning things by ear will come with practice, trust me it did not come to me until I had a solid year of playing.

As above posts have said, nothing wrong with playing both its actually pretty cool to have the ability to switch off.
i play both quite a bit i enjoy bass more but i try and split my practice time between the both the more u know each instrument the better you are at both cause then you know the best ways to compliment each instrument with the other. If your true love ends up being bass tho learn drums to it helps more then nething
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Ok, I started out with bass then about a year later I leared guitar, and I then I started playing bass again for a while and I noticed I could play a lot faster.
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I'm 40, and have played guitar on and off since I was 15. In the last year or so, I have been dying to own a bass. As soon as I have the $$$, I'm going to bass. There is something amazing about what you can do with 4 strings. Try to listen to some players who can really make a bass "talk". I think that will inspire you to keep playin' your bass.
I play guitar and bass and several other instruments as well. Learning other instruments is always a good thing in my book.
Have you tried looking through Guitar Pro's Bass tab collection? It hasn't let me down very often o;.

Guitar pro is something you should consider getting as well. It's a great program for writing and learning songs.