Anybody have experience wit the line6 PODxt for bass?
Im going into University in September to do Studio and Performance technology and Instead taking an amp to record I am thinkin of simply investing in a POD. Much easier to transport with a bass as I will be getting the train or driving to uni.
I have heard nothing but good about them in a recording environment so I was wondering what your thoughts on them were?
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Never used one but also look into the Tech 21 SansAmp bass driver, they are apparently a really great DI unit.

This. These are very good, go grab one!!!
The Bass PODxt is amazing for what it is. Personal preference says that a better tone will come through a good amp and/or DI (Sansamp BDDI is my reccomendation) but if you need a bunch of effects and tones, go for it. If you need a solid clean (and overdriven) tone/recording device, the BDDI is the way to go.
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I want something pretty versatile. So I think it should be good for me.
I will still be using my trusty amp for gigs though!