Well, this is the first song I have ever made on power tab. I haven't got any lyrics yet, but basically this is part one of a concept song I am writing. It sounds corny, but the song's about aliens taking over the earth, and us humans failing miserably to fight them. The clean guitars represent the peace of the humans, and them trying to fight off the alien's superior weapons. (Thus the clean guitar failing at playing the alien's main riff.) The distorted guitar shows the alien's superior powers, and the acoustic guitar is just there for the intro. The solo is very rushed btw, and is only there to prove the speed of the aliens. I will make it a bit more melodic when I have the time.

Btw, take no notice of the string ensemble I added as a guitar. I never ended up using them, and forgot to delete them.

I'm only 13 and this is my first song, so please be kind with your crits. It's in power tab format.
Concept Song..zip
Ummmm this is kind of a mess. Chop this song into blocks and make several songs out of it or scrap several parts. The song has no flow and it sounds just like you came up with a few riffs and forced them together. Take the intro, up to section D and make a new song out of it, this is only part I thought was good(and it was good mind you). The rest of the song to me is scrap. Sounds like you pulled up a scale and picked random notes out of it. At bar 28 you do the (ho) 2-3-2 part and this is out of place, this riff is dark, and then this little lick sounds happy and ruins the riff, it takes away from its ability to stick in your head.

The whole speed up the riff thing is stupid, scrap it and make new parts instead of speeding it up.

Another thing is most of this is incredibly difficult to play if not impossible, so that takes away from the song.

Im a big metal fan but this guitar work is trash. Theres no dynamics, build ups, or hooks to make this memorable. It just sound like technical wanking, and its not impressive. Spend you time making better songs, not memorizing these technical riffs.

After all this negative stuff, the intro sections were really good, and I really hope you take my advice and make a new song out of it because I would buy and listen to it.

Maybe someone who likes Sikth or The Faceless or the like would have a different view on this song.

Also, don't put your age up there, age is not an indicator of musical ability and it wont convince someone to like the song. To me telling someone your young is like a plea for understanding. 4/10(and all 4 points are from the intro)
The time signatures are completely unnecessary. Pretty much the entire thing would fit into 4/4.
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All right, thanks for the advice.

I really shouldn't of uploaded this, I see what you mean now.

I think I'll leave concept stuff like this to the professionals.

I'll leave this and come back to it when I'm more experienced with song writing.
Ok, i'm going to go ahead and say that I probably liked it more than the other two guys, I was put off listening by you saying that you were 13 and The Grem's response, but then he mentioned SikTh, who i'm a big fan of, so I thought it was worth a listen.

Most of the riffs in this song I like, quite a lot. Intro riff is very good, but in my opinion goes on for far too long.

Bar 24 hits and I really like it, but I think that you should have only used this section once in the song, it's good as a little joiner thing, but it sounded strange hearing it again later.
I also think that the song would sound better if you cut out bars 28-30, and skipped straight into the next run of notes. Then skipped again to bar 34, then again to bar 41. After that I don't really like the remainder of the song.

Obviously that cuts out quite a lot of the song, it's going to be a lot shorter, but work on it and stick more riffs on the end and see what happens. I would definately give it more than a 4/10.

Oh yeah, and I agree with the guy who said most of the time signatures were unnecessary.
No offense, but most of this is actually physically unplayable.

I see what you tried to do with the dissonance and the general chaos, but I'm afraid it just makes the riffs not sound like anything special. As Grem said, they end up just sounding like a load of random notes; not good.

The structure really does just sound like a bunch of random ideas stuck together. For a concept to work, there has to be coherence, not just repetition.

This needs so much work that I'd just scrap it if I were you. I say all this without animosity or anything like that.