I'm 19 years old and home from college (for 2 more weeks.) My parents are quite liberal, as in they'll let me smoke pot in my bedroom, and they've found a lot of beer cans and **** in my room and haven't punished me or anything just said they don't want people driving after they've been drinking here.

Now my parents have about 16 bottles of wine stashed away in the basement right next to my bedroom, what do you think they would do if I took a bottle and just taped a 10 dollar bill where the bottle was in the case? Perhaps with a note? Could this work? I can't obtain alcohol because I live in the US
Bearing in mind that by the time my parents find said wine I'll probably already be back at school, so they can't really "punish" me anyways, right?
why don't you just ask them?

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You could just ask them for one.. I mean if the let you smoke dope and drink already they might just say yes.
I wouldn't do **** behind their backs. Just talk about it to them. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if they let you smoke pot. Then again - they're your parents. I don't know anything about them.
well I don't know they shouldn't care if they are like what you say they are. Oh and nice double post.
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Yeah but the fact they they're providing it for me might just be shady to them. It would probably be less strange if I just tried to be sneaky about it, haha
TBH, if a bottle of wine is worth laying down, it cost more than $10, cheapass.
I am incredibly jealous of your parents right now.
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Your parents let you toke in your room and you are going to sneak behind their backs?

Ask, they clearly trust you.


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Suck it up and ask. Would you prefera possible awkward moment, or being branded as a theif and untrustworthy by your parents?
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