Willow Trees
Cold breeze-In this oscillated street
Still like you and your white
Aura, being bored of being bored
You hold the teddy bear to you like your child
You hold the teddy bear to you like your child

Willow Trees,
Your favorite place to be
Like the Ovary dream
Of a perplexed angel

Warm breath on the back of your neck
Paralyzed mess
Quiet to him is so much more than a scream
Juxtaposing your innocence
Posing you like a invalid
He holds you like a teddy bear,
Throughout all of the struggling,
He holds you tight

Willow Trees
Oh, Willow Trees
Your leafs hang in the stagnant air
Like how the tears parallel her hair
You hang there
Willow Tree,
May the birds and the bees
Teach you just enough to get by
May the bees and the birds
Never die,
Oh never die

(Like a mild sunrise)
Ion open me close me
Ions light the match and blow it
Oh, Ion- You gained more than I ever could

To whom it may concern,
He took my willow tree
Savory and all,
The beauty, the tall, tall
White florescent outline
Of the sun scarring the shawl
That I would wrap my blood in
It’s gone
Like a mild sunrise
I’ll be gone
this one is for you.
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I'll admit, this isn't my favourite from you, but you're damn good.

I will be back, although probably only to read.

(Are we the only people here with pink avatars?
I have a pink shirt with Ned Kelly on it. Just thought I'd add. Blackdotted, not my fav from you tho. More reading needed. I'll hit you up properly soon.
'You hold the teddy bear to you like your child'
'You hold the teddy bear to you like you'd hold your child', perhaps?
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!