My band is formed, I have everyone I need. Yet it seems I cant get everyone together at one point to talk about the band, and to start setting up practices and really get started. As the ONLY person in this bands thats working to get this done I am the self appointed band leader, yet I cant seem to get it to work. I dont know what to do, can I get some help.
I'm the drummer, heh. I try but unless I REALLY push they'll put it off. I just need to get them to practice and then I know they'll get into it.,\
Yeah you definately need to give them plenty of notice and also make sure they are commited to working at the band. If theyre not, you need different members, infotunately thats the harsh reality :/
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Nothing wrong with having a 'leader' really. Try and make a regular schedule, this will help
Pick a day (or night) between you and decide that that day (or night) is 'band day' (or 'night')
On band day/night you rehearse with the band, then you sit and talk about the rehearsal, then you all go and chug some beers together or do something else that's really fun.
The point is, that time together should be something that everyone looks forward to, it should be the one event of everyone's week that no one wants to miss.

To pick what day or night this takes place, get everyone together (yes I know that getting them all together is the problem right now, but just try ok?) and ask everyone what they have planned for each day/night during a normal week, their will more than likely be a day/night or two when everyone is free, just pick one of them and say 'This is band time.'

Let it be known that people can only fail to turn up if they have a damn good excuse and let the rest of the guys know beforehand, if this starts to happen regularly with a member, ask what the problem is. If it's become too hard for them to make it when the rehearsal is scheduled for, then work together as a band to try and change the schedule to suit.
First and foremost you need to make it as easy as possible for everyone to make it to rehearsals, why? Because then, anyone who's still not turning up really has no exuse and that is when you should think about replacing them with someone a little more dedicated.
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i've been in 3 bands during highschool and the best one lasted about 6 months..
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