When I go to online library it will not download the tones. I was trying to get a couple of them and it says error while down loading...

Error while loading patch from URL java.io.EOFException: null App info: Line 6 Edit 3.02 release - build 100 - Fri Dec 7 16:12:39 PST 2007 Date: 1/16/09 6:01 PM In thread: L6Thread - 'CustomTone browser' - started at line6editbase.app.L6ToneTransferBrowser.Show - line 154 OS: Windows XP (5.1 x86) Java VM Version: 1.5.0_14 Stack trace: java.io.EOFException at cmn.l6java.io.L6BufferedReader.ReadIntoBuffer(L6BufferedReader.java:40) at cmn.l6java.io.iff.L6IFFParser.ParseChunk(L6IFFParser.java:140) at cmn.l6java.io.iff.L6IFFParser.ParseContainer(L6IFFParser.java:115) at cmn.l6java.io.iff.L6IFFParser.ParseDocument(L6IFFParser.java:79) at cmn.l6java.patch.L6PatchUtils.LoadPatchObject(L6PatchUtils.java:37) at line6editbase.app.L6ToneTransferBrowser.LoadToneObjectFromURL(L6ToneTransferBrowser.java:371) at line6editbase.app.L6ToneTransferBrowser.OnLoadToneFromURL(L6ToneTransferBrowser.java:314) at line6editbase.app.L6ToneTransferBrowser.run(L6ToneTransferBrowser.java:397) at cmn.l6java.core.L6Thread.run(L6Thread.java:157)
The online library if very f*cked up now..
Can't even find the searchbar anymore
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that's a java error, and you can't download tones and install them with a certain version of java installed. Google the error you get and you'll get the fix, which is to either uninstall and install the right version or to get the utility you need to fool your computer into believing it has the version it needs for the software to run (and then you can install tones in your POD)
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