So I lent my starter Ibanez bass to a friend about a month ago see is he wanted to learn. When I got it back I started to play it and noticed something wrong with the action, it was really high. I look down the neck and it is bowed inward. After questioning my friend about it, he claimed to haven't played it since I lent it to him a month ago. Being a cheap bass, I'm not overly pissed off. Is there a way I can fix the warp in the neck or is my bass junk?
IF you havent done this before take to a proffessional and get him\her to do and get him\her to show you how if they will. It just needs a setup.
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Thanks for the info. I read the sticky's, thoroughly so I'm headed to the music store tomorrow to see if I can get this fixed. Thanks again.
are you sure you don't want to try it yersel? knowing how to set the action is good for you, long term-wise - and If I can do it, anyone can.