a soft red spot on my skin

more so when I scratch----

there I am, apart,
below an anvil,

the only way to avoid the crush
is to pull myself together------

distracted studying,
your face to the touch,

bird-squawk from a distance
rings shrill,

there the clouds swimming south
and east in easy blow,

the colour ever dulling----

red, bloody, crumbling skin;
my hands tied behind my back,

and my chest tightening.
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Jamie, this is definitely the best pirate song I've read on here. Props for that. Will the music be country, or more electro-ish?

(black dot)
i thought this was absolutely beautiful i loved it ever so much. my favourite part was the absolute disregard for the albatross, of course a sacred bird of the sea shot down by the ancient mariner in terms of s.t. coleridge but allowed no time of day here in a piece which captivated me to my very fragility.