better get back to hell
back to where you began
don't ask me where to go
time to go see the man
it all only goes to show
the game just never gets old
and if there's one thing i know
you can't turn **** into gold

would likely do you good
to start all over again
but that's too much to ask
a cheater you will remain
now it's crystal clear
the joke is always re-told
and if there's one thing to know
you can't turn **** into gold

better get back to hell
back to where you belong
or you might wear out your voice
singin' the same old song
you may have your point of view
and who knows what your future holds
but one thing's for ****ing sure
you can't turn **** into gold

mind the profanity. I try to write the way I talk now, which is "dirty" hehe

I'm still a bit iffy about the first few lines, that's why I posted this.
Thanks for any comments in advance.
The second verse has a parts of it that I would imagine being hard to harmonize, but **** dude I love the way you used 'you can't turn **** into gold' as a lyrical device.

****in nice.
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thanks. I thought the 2nd was the weakest too. Can't think of anything that's just "F#@K YOU!" that fits there haha.
I can dig it.
a cheater you will remain

that is probably the line that throws off the 2nd stanza the most for me.
this one is for you.
i enjoyed it very much actually. you have utilised here a verseverse/choruschorus form made popular by bob dylan but done so with perhaps an edge of the absolute concise to the core but made ever so delicate returning to that gold. do i agree with you in terms of sentiment absolutely not but i agree in literary terms and such a marvellously more important thing that is.

all things summarised, this was to me as beautiful as ever.

glad to make your acquaintance,