Hey! Thanks for the crit!

The first seconds that I watched that video, I noticed sound and image were out of sync... It was pretty annoying, but I just listened to the song without watching the video. Just so you know...

Your voice is great! It works very good for the song too, although I don't know the original... Your playing is flawless as well, it's especially the vocals that define the warmth and emotion in the song! You're an amazing singer, kudos to you!

Cheers mate!
You have a great voice and good command over your guitar as well. The only thing that I could find that was mildly out of place was during guitar solo parts, it seemed too rough for the song, as in the chords could have been strum a bit more... elegantly? I don't know if I phrased it right, but yeah it was pretty much perfect, great job.

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Hey thanks alot guys! Critted you back and all, your from Queens man? I used to live there -- I went to OLBS
Guitar work excellent, wonderful strumming pattern which complimented the vocals beautifully. A song i'm not too familiar with, thought you could have possibly played with the vocal line a bit more maybe? I'm sure you was true to the original, but with it being a guitar and vocal performance maybe do a bit more with the instruments you have? I'm being picky of course, cos there wasnt much to fault at all man...seen your voice come on leaps and bounds, would love to hear you really push your voice, you show good pitch control and tonal consistancy...still much more to come. Good work.

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At first, I didn't think it was gonna be very good. But I kept listening and you actually did a REALLY good job with it. You made it your own which is very good. It reminds me of something John Mayer would do. You have great vocal control. I must say I'm impressed. 9/10

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Like the others said, your guitar work is fantastic, really cool muting style. Your voice compliments the song really well, great voice. Good job man.
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Great job dude. You have a great voice that fits this song perfectly. I love when people recognize muting as a useful technique in acoustic playing and you used it perfectly! I loved the Use Somebody cover as well!
Hey, I love this song I'll crit as I listen

You have a nice soothing voice. Why can everyone sing except me! haha.

I love you're take on the guitar too, almost...john mayerish. In fact, you remind me a fair bit of John mayer.

Great job

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