On my profile. No solo, I just looked up the chords and did it straight through. Fair warning, I can't sing that well, bit I thought I'd post it for some constructive criticism. I usually do metal, so this is an odd thing for me.
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I thought it was pretty good, despite being a bit soft. I didn't mind your voice. I mean like, it wasn't annoying or anything, you could do solo acoustic gigs with your voice and not be worried, your pitches were pretty decent. The only time I noticed a bit of wavering was was towards the end of the verses, when you hit those three notes going down on one word, like "This could be heaven or this could be hell." I don't know if it was getting towards the lower range of your voice or something.

The most constructive critisism I can give you is to put more emotion into your singing. Once or twice it sounded like you were just going through the song to be done with it, and you really want to make the listener perk up at the dynamics you put into the song.

But as I said, I thought it was pretty good. A bit more head room was needed on the mic, since it clipped on a few notes, but I'm not sure how much control you had over that with your current set-up.

Good job.

I've got nothing for you to crit haha. Call it a freebie.
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