I just received my Alvarez RD20SC from the mail today.
I bought it for $260 as an "Almost Perfect" item with only one flaw.
As I went over the guitar today I saw that there were many other flaws like another blemish on the binding, a 1.5 inch scratch on the finish, and most importantly string buzzing. Guitars are supposed to come set up with no string buzzing but the guitar buzzes on the D string and on the higher frets of the A string.
Should I demand for compensation money or send it back?
I want to get the guitar set up at my local music store.

I also broke a string trying to tune up the guitar!


one more thing, the spruce top is really light in color.
it is almost white, is that a bad thing because I like the yellow look of the spruce top and this guitar doesn't have it.
"Almost perfect" is never limited to X number of flaws. Aside from that, a scratch doesn't structurally weaken your guitar. As for the string buzz, you bought it online. You can't expect the same kind of service(setup-wise) like you would get at a store. Asking for compensation would be a waste of time. An "almost perfect" is stock with aesthetic blemishes, and that's exactly what you got. Aesthetic problems do not affect the guitar structurally whatsoever. You could send it back if you want.

As for the spruce being light in colour, it makes absolutely no difference. Different species of spruce come in slightly different shades. A light or darkness in colour of the spruce does not indicate whether the wood is of higher quality or not.
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but the description of the guitar on eBay only mentioned one flaw and only one flaw
Quote by SolKanar77
but the description of the guitar on eBay only mentioned one flaw and only one flaw

Your problem.
Not worth it to send back or ask for compensation. The string buzz will be fixed by a store (Or yourself), and the scratches are going to happen eventually no matter what you do.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
yea it really isnt worth it to send it back.
I'd have to pay for shipping both ways and it cost $30 to get it here and probably around that much to send it back (((((
alright now im really disappointed in the seller. I just got an email back from the Alvarez customer service. He said that all "Almost Perfect" guitars go not come with a warranty backed by Alvarez. On the contrary p-hill/Butler Music says they do on every one of their AP listings. I even asked them about it asking on a different item using a different account and they stated that you can just use the serial number and model number to register for warranty. How can I use this fact to my advantage?
If you are really that unhappy with it then send it back. I would.

It'd be worth wasting $30 for me so that I ended up 100% satisfied with my guitar. Then again, I don't know what your financial situation is and $30 might be a bigger deal to you than it is to me.

Quote by SolKanar77
Guitars are supposed to come set up with no string buzzing

I don't know who told you that, but it's certainly not true. It is true that most guitars won't have string buzz when they are new, but it has nothing to do with being set up. Most guitars are shipped from the factory with pretty high action so as to avoid string buzz. I really don't know of any guitars that come set up from the factory. I think Epiphone Masterbilt and all Breedlove guitars claim to come set up from the factory, but in my experience they use the term "set up" very loosely. You also have to realize that where a guitar is made, where it is sold, and where it ends up being played can have very different climates and this makes it near impossible to provide a good setup until the guitar finds a home.