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Whenever I play with I pick I like the sound heavy picks give me. I had a Medium gauge phase a few weeks ago but that's passed.
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i actualy use 2 mm picks if i do play bass with pick i only do it when looking for certain sounds tho and i find the thicker the pick the better but i use pretty hefty ones for guitar to.
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Dunlop Sharps, 1.35mm (the black ones)

Use them for both guitar and bass. =D
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I use heavy picks.

But I found it's easier for me to do triplets with a medium pick.

But I also use my fingers once and a while.
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i use fingers like a real man
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when I do pick, I like those little tremolo picks.

but as thick and stiff as possible, none of that gummy bear feel, if I'm not feeling the string with the finger I better get some tone out of it.
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i use fingers like a real man

A real man knows how to play with either or and still sound like a grooving god
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i could never use a pick, but im awesome fast with fingers... did i fail?
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1mm dunlop tortex when i use a pick but thats only to get a specific sound
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I use D'andrea 1.14's-they're awesome and just perfect.
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Green Dunlops or Blue/Purple Gator Grips
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1mm dunlop black. i heard that a lot of people like those jazzmaster 3 ones though, im gonna check them out next time i go to gc.
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Fingers, for the most part, but when I use a pick I try to grab a 1.2-1.5mm cel pick.
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I use a Dunlop medium thumb pick at the moment.
Pretty fun if you like to switch between fingers and pick in the middle of a song.
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I use a magenta/purple/whateverish pick that my friend gave me
it is almost round now..

sometimes I used my green pick (uh, dunlop with the turtle, somewhat medium thickness)
(the one I have now is kind of thick)
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I use red Fender heavies. Only time I ever use mediums is for acoustic guitar.
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I use these custom-made dealies that my guitar teacher gives out for Christmas. They're not too small, not too big, and just the right thickness. Plus, they have funny stuff written on them, like "CHICKEN FEET".
Dunlop Jazz III's. Very small, so only use if you have long skinny fingers like me
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Dunlop Ultex 1.14mm. Best picks ever. Not too thick but incredibly solid.
If not slapping or using my fingers(i.e. when i blister up or have to play faster than my fingers can, or recording, since my picking is more precise) i use Clayton Wolf picks in 1.26mm. They're made out of some kind of odd material that I like the feel of.
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I have several Dunlop 0.73 mms, but I'm going to purchase some thicker ones since I don't like the feel of the current ones I possess.
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I use Dunlop big stubbies, or really just the one I got off of my brother. I don't pick but for the novelty of it.

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I have several Dunlop 73 mms, but I'm going to purchase some thicker ones since I don't like the feel of the current ones I possess.

You do realize that you said you use picks roughly a quarter of an inch thick?
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used to use big stubbys. moved on to fingers years ago. now i just grap one of my guitarists picks that's laying around for the end of iron man.
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Dunlop Gator Grip .96 mm although I've heard very good things about the big stubby.
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Jazz III's or just some kinda medium pick? whatever i'm in the mood for?
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actually, I find that the best picks for both bass and guitar are the free red ones that you can get at guitar center. They're mediums, and I've never had one break, and they work great on bass.
I normally go for thicker guitar picks normally about 1 mm; the same I use for guitar. I've tried to 3mm and 2mm Stubbies but I find them to be TOO thick.
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I like the Medium thickness... or a teensy bit thicker... not so much its a heavy though.

I also like the Jim Dunlop Nylon picks alot too.
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I sue these tiny little thick picks, cant think what5 their called, dunlops or something.
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the thickness has rubbed off now, but an orange dunlop sharkfin thingy if i cant find any, i use .88m tortex green. also, fingers
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