Anyone else notice the recent price increase of scheters? Some guitars cost an extra 50 or 100.
It happened to a bunch of companies. I've noticed it in Ibanez, Fender, and Gibson.
yea it happened to esp/ltd too there ec-100 are now 400 instead of 250...got mine just in time lol
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I purchased a c1 hellraiser for 599 about two months ago and now they're 749? Thats crazy
probably some new research or improvements they made
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probably some new research or improvements they made

Not at all. Most guitars that went up are exactly the same. There were no upgrades made to the American Special Strat I wanted that went up $200. The Gibson Explorer and Flying V I was looking at was the same one with a different price tag. The RG2550Z was exactly the same.
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bad economy = bad guitar prices

That's what I originally thought, but if it was the economy, wouldn't the prices reflect where they're made? It might just be inflation.
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yea it happened to esp/ltd too there ec-100 are now 400 instead of 250...got mine just in time lol

Same with me, the KH-202 was 429$ when I bought it, two weeks later it's 469$.
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hahah I remember how the epis went up by like 100 dollars. I got my g-400 for 280 and a couple of months later it went up to 400.
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It's the fact that the cost of materials has almost doubled (in fact tin and brass cost twice what they did a year ago and many popular tonewoods have also risen in price dramatically) and distribution for most brands has become more costly too.
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Yep, prices are jumping all over the place. Guitar companies are saying "holy shiiit, these things still sell like hot cakes, despite this global recession (slap to the head), we can charge more!?!"

I've noticed the Studio les Pauls up by a couple hundreds.
Prices jumped with everything when the 09 models came out. Why? i dont know. but this is old news.