This is just a random rant:

I hate heavy songs that have the whiney emo lyrics/singing in the chorus, it drives me insane how common it is and completely destroys the mood and heaviness.

I'm not opposed to sung vocals at all, bands like Million Dead, The Fall of Troy make a good job of it by going from the screams to gravelled sung vocals while retaining the heaviness - but it's the 'croony' sustained-whine stuff:

All That Remains - Whispers

The chorus is horrible, argghhghgh. Is this how most metalcore bands do this? I've never really tried much metalcore, but it's just blah.

Anyone think this way? It destroys the heavy nature!

Oh and on the side note, how awesome are the pinched harmonics in this song :p
nope. that whole song sucked as does the genre. they put the "melody" in there b/c that's what music is - melody.

not noise.
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I agree except bat country by A7X does keep it heavy and melodic, so does slipknot
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nope. that whole song sucked as does the genre. they put the "melody" in there b/c that's what music is - melody.

Wrong, melody is only a very small part of music. I would personally place rhythm far higher on the hierarchy of importance in music than melody.
i hate it when heavy songs are heavy from start to end with no melody gives you a headache fast but that has nothing to do with what you said
Thats because those bands are not representive of metal. Bands like A7X, BFMV, Slipknot and emo-screamo like that band you posted try to be "broootlz" to appeal to young kids who like acting like rebels, and stick enough pop influence and melody to remain commercialy viable. It is very trendy, commercial music.

Heres some real metal. No trends, no pop melody, no gimmicks, no screaming, no whining, no emo lyrics-just %100 metal.