I recently was gifted a Brian May Digitech signature pedal from my girlfriend. My question is this, as it has several different functions where should I put it in my effects chain? It has a couple different distortion settings, as well as a flanging setting, delay, harmonizer function, and a couple others I'm probably forgetting. I know distortions usually go at the start of a chain, but all of those other effects usually go at the end. Is there any easy solution, or should I just put it where the effects I'm likely to use the most will fit best?

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do you use your amp distortion? does the amp have an effects loop?

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I use a Vox AC15, and I do use my amp's own distortion for when I just need light distortion, but I'll use some pedals to kick up some overdrive, or experiment with different sounds depending on the situation. Unfortunately, I don't have an effects loop.
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I'd just put it towards the end, but still before any other delays you have.
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if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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