Here's a song I've been working on for a while.
I'll update if I have any changes.
Crit 4 crit if you wants. I'll be happy to.

Leave Me Alone (I'm not emo)

I'm not alone
I have a notebook
My only friend
the pen right here beside me
And the phone
a brother in a coma
Here's the wait
for some company

In my dreams
by myself
Sitting in a room
With what is left
They're all gone
Packed their tears and laughs with them
the echoes, the footsteps
remind me
of the friends I use to have

The pain
it's gone numb (Can't feel it anymore)
I'm out of love
Why scream? (Why scream)
when there's no one there
to get your attention
Why cry? (Why cry)
when you already know
Who is there to hold me and say
I care


I left it all behind
Turning back, they're out of sight
Remind me how it feels
to finally know fake from real
Forget all you words and lies
Scarred me on the inside
It's hard to hold on
to something that wants to let go
So leave me alone