Well, I went to go get my old yamaha and it needs a new nut. It's a pretty nice yamaha FG-75-1 from 1963 and I know nothing about guitar nuts(sounds funny.)

So if anyone can tell me like how to measure for a new one of whatever that'd be great. I wanna order one tonight.
you have to get a ruler, and measure it.

go to stewmac.com or similar site, and go to the pre-slotted nuts.

check out the specs and see if they have one that's close.

if they only have blanks, then google pre-slotted replacement nuts.

or go to yamaha and ask in faqs for a model number to replace what you have and order that at an authorized dealer.

even if the nut is too big you can file the flat bottom or side to get it to fit snug in the guitar.

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