I may have a chance to get a used Univox LP style electric guitar. The price seems pretty good but I was wondering how good they are? What would you compare them to?

It feels good, looks like decent quality, and is in good shape for an older guitar. I don't really need another guitar, but need has nothing to do with it, I just like it.
never heard of them. What was the price set at? Do you know what kind of wood it is? You might be getting something made of plywood :P
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Probably not. If you like it buy it, though.
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Oh, sorry, too late. I posted the picture too.
Wow! That looks awesome. How much is it? I would buy it if it wasn't that much.
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I have owned " And Played " this guitar now for approx 30 years. I am 51 and have been playing since i was 20. needless to say , i love it. I have played alot of guitars over the yeasr that friends bring over and they love the action as do i. for rock and lead guitar light guage string are by far the best. maybe 10s . I do not really care for the rythym / chord sounds that i get from it. I pull out the 75 guild and between the two of em, ive never had a need for a different guitar.If its anyhing like mine (it looks identicle) I believe you have a good time with it. If that is the picture of it , you can`t go wrong
Good luck
just realized you were getting it for a hundred buck.Jump on it. mine just appraised @ 6-800.00. Just an appraisal from a guitar repair /sales house but I know they are good and well known.Mine isn`t close to the condition of that picture. That looks brand new but when polished up it shines nicely. I have 1 busted key and replaced it with a dremeled nickle ( a nickle i cut into shape with a dremel).Its been on there for years and when i tell people to look for something unusual about the guitar they never find it. Kinda funny. Go For it and tell me how you like it.