First of all; I know it's a cheesy, overused concept/song name. But I originally wrote it for a concept albim that never happened so here it is, all by itself, lol.

There are some pretty obvious BLS and Pantera influences in there, so it might sound similar to their songs. I did not directly (or intentionally, for that matter) copy them.

Crit 4 crit.
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i like your intro solo....but then again i like 90% of originals ppl put on here...but they all make me feel like i cant write good riffs/solos
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Yeah, I can hear the Pantera influence and I really dig the solos.

The last part is great, but I feel it should break back into a verse/chorus riff or something. End strong, ya know?

The last things I posted that could be critiqued are Iron Man and Improv Solo 3, but if you like what you hear, feel free to listen without needing to crit.
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Thanks guys.

@ eahilder: Don't worry, I felt the same way. It'll happen eventually, you just have to wait for inspiration.

@ xHellbound: Will do, and I will definitely take your suggestions and try to work in one last chorus or something.
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