there is a guy that wants to sell me an Epiphone Les Paul body and neck in $64 US (48 euro)
it seems that is from a Les Paul 100
its painted black

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its only the body and neck, without hardware, machine heads, pickups, bridge or any thing else
i have some cuestions

1) is this good for the price? (i always wanted to make customize a guitar)
2) can i put a Floyd Rose on it?
3) how can i paint it in another color?

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i think its a good deal. i mean 64 bucks isnt that much. i mean if youre looking to make a customized guitar this is practically free. you dont have to look around for a cheap guitar. i doubt you will find a full working guitar for that price (unless its all beaten up). Besides now u dont have to strip all the parts out and all that.

and if u wanna paint it ur gonna have to sand all the paint off and then paint it.
I would say its a good deal, especially if you can actually make something of it. I think Epi LP100s run for about 150 USD, but dont quote me on that.

Since its just the body and neck, you should be able to trick that baby out, since stock everything on a beginners guitar is downright ****. I dont know of any places in Chile, but I know GFS parts are fairly cheap and well built, if you are willing to pay shipping [or even if they ship outside the US].

You should be able to put a floyd in it, but you're gonna need the specs on drilling and cutting and all that. Which I know nothing about.

Keep us posted if you get it.