I think those are for six string basses... .013 is pretty heavy guage for normal guitars so they have to be bass strings
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thats bass strings obviously maybe try the bass forum for more luck
and also if u did get them you would probably be playing more towards A# tuning or sumthing
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It's under the bass strings section.

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I think those are for six string basses... .013 is pretty heavy guage for normal guitars so they have to be bass strings

no it says on the package it can be used for electric guitar
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They usually string baritones with 12's or 13's. If you put 26-84 gauged strings on a standard guitar, I'd expect the neck to snap right off and smack you in the head for being such a moron. My first guitar eventually had 12's on it and I could only get up to C-Flat tuning before it got really tight, hence it would've been tight at even B or B-flat. 13's will do just fine for A# sharp tuning. Besides, who actually uses A# tuning anyway?
They are Baritone Guitar strings, it says on the package "sepecially designed for the Fender Bass VI" which is a Baritone guitar (despite it's name)
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