will i notice a difference between the two necks? anything magor? or should it not bother me too much?

i know the wizzard two is skinnier, but will it become a pain after a while if im used to a normal acoustic neck and strat neck?
yes you will notice a big difference you should try one and some people say they cramp and it hurts after a while, but you should go try one if you into fast stuff etc.
you will notice a huge difference. the wizard II is VERY flat. only way to know if it will bother you is to try it out. i personally have no problem switching between acoustic necks and the wizards.
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deffinately. the strat neck is a lot more rounder, the wizard necks are flatter and wider. i prefer the strat necks, the wizard style are good for shredding and stuff, but it makes most other genres hard to play and uncomfortable, but that's just my opinion
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I play a strat and an Ibanez with a Wizard neck. They're very different, but once you get used to them, you can switch between them without a problem. It did take me a while to get used to it and actually find it comfortable for everything. But like everyone said, some things are easier/harder depending on the neck.