k, hopefully somebody may know what may be causing this problem.

I'm still relatively new to guitar playing, and I'm learning as I go. One of my first guitars was a Fender Tele MIM. After playing for a few months I started playing a little bit of heavy rock and a slight bit of metal, so I decided to trade in for a more suitable guitar.

I ended up with a Samick (or Greg Bennett) Torino. Looks just like an SG copy. Sounds great, but I have a bit of a problem when I play down the neck.

Normal open chords near the headstock sound fine and are in tune, but if I play a power chord it gives me that slight 'ringing' sound like my guitar is out of tune... As I go further down the neck it gets worse.

Any idea of what may be causing this, or how to fix it?

thanks to anybody that can help.

(sorry if this is the wrong section)
intonation is out. google it or take it to a guitar tech and have him fix it. has to do with length of the string and adjusting the saddles will fix ur problem
Yeah, Innotation. Find a local tech (i usually avoid GC tech's, they suck) but if you go to any local shop they should have or should atleast be able to give you information on someone who can set up your guitar, shouldn't cost more then 40$ for a total setup.
Adjust the intonation yourself. Its too easy. No reason to pay someone to do it. Especially if they charge by the hour.
slight bump.

I attempted to adjust the intonation. I fixed every string but the D string it seems to be really low. (the rest were just a tad high, the D string is very low) I can't adjust the saddle any further... Any ideas how I could fix this? Would I probably have to change this one string?