I figure if I'm gonna buy a nice carvin bass(or possibly another highend if i'm out and find the perfect bass for me) I should buy some respectable speaker cabs first. I'm currently running through 2 crate 4x10s. I got them used, old enough to be MIA but still not great. while anything from the A string up sounds ok I lose definition at the low end(of course). I tend to like deep to somewhat bright tones. I don't use really bright tones really at all unless I use distortion. then i crank the treble. I was thinking a 1x15 and either a 2x12 or a 4x10. The 15 is definite and i think i'd like the 2x12 better as I enjoyed the tone i got from my 12" combo. A good overall sound with good mids. I don't slap for any band situation so don't consider slapping in this. Both cabs must be 8ohms. I don't like what happens to my tone when i take it to 2 ohms. Even though it's a tube amp and it corrects for your impedance there is still somehow a difference. And not a good one. Budget is $1000-1500USD. Oh btw if you didn't see in the sig my head is a peavey vb-2. 225 watts so we shouldn't have to worry about wattage handling too much. Here's a couple ideas i had.

Stick with peavey as every peavey i've ever owned/played I've loved. These are even from the same series as my head.



maybe a markbass 15? but then again i'm not a fan of rearported because my 4x10s are rear ported and if you get too close to walls and such it muds up your tone from the bounceback.

Maybe carvin.




Maybe a mesa boogie 2x12? dunno price but i could put some research into that if it's recommended.

What is the best for my money. do not go over 1500. 1500 is kinda pushing it but nothing is more important that amazing tone to me.

EDIT:If any other cabs are suggested state specifics on why you think it'd be good for me.

Also, nice clean tones at high levels is important to me because i can get any "dirt" i want from my amp, being a tube amp. I often have to turn up quite loud so clean and clear is a priority.
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if ur limit is what u say, then get this.
its a 4x10 cab, a 1x18 cab (WOOFER BAYBEE) and a 1200 watt head.


If I had known about these guys before i went out and got my rig, i definitely would have gotten this, its a STEAL.