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I play modern hard rock/alternative metal (chevelle,Tool,a perfect circle)

i have a gibson les paul studio 1991

i use 11 gauge strings

allmost everything i play is in drop d or b

I have an oppertunity to get a JCM 900 for $600 USD

I've been looking at the B-52 at 100 but am concerned about the reliability issues.

i'd have a mesa if i could affored it.

should i go for this JCM 900?
yeah it'd be good. i have one, and it's great. Get a distortion or an overdrive and you're good.

thing is though, 600 is a bit much. I got mine for 450. Exactly what kind of JCM900 is it? is it a dual reverb 4100? is it a SL-X? MK II? 50/100 watts?

the early 4100's are usually considered the better ones, but idk, that's just what i hear.
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Go for it!
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Tool is a maybe... and I mean maybe because Idk if the jcm 900 has a presence option and I honestly don't know how it would fair as a modern gain amp.

But try it out.
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the jcm900 has plenty of gain, more than i think anyone you'd typically associate with marshall would ever use.