It's time for some new gear. Specifically I'm looking for a multi-effects unit. I've narrowed it down to three candidates:

1. Vox ToneLab LE
2. Pod XT Pro
3. Boss GT8

I'd appreciate any and all praise, criticism, advice, tips and experiences any of you good U.G. folks have had with these units.

Many thanks!
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GT-8 hands down.
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check out the pod xt live. otherwise go with the gt 8, the line 6 have a better and easier user interface while the gt8 has a slight better tone over the pod xt series
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Why not look at the newer models like the Pod X3 or GT-10? The newer ones all sound better and are easier to use.

I currently play through a GT-10 and I love it. The USB connectivity is very handy so is the looper. You can record something and adjust the settings and hear you're tone change in real time. It makes it much easier to find a good tone.