So, I recently had the idea to use my head/cab combo as the speakers for my computer (I already have a 5.1 Altec Lansing set, but I just want to see if this works).

There is a box in the head with an "in" and "out" inputs. (RCA cables, red/white).

There is obviously the two inputs that are used to connect the head to the cab.

And on my subwoofer/amp for my speakers, there are a bunch of inputs.

Inputs are as followed:

Left (RCA)
Right (RCA)
Green (this is the main input, I can use a cable from here to my iPod and it will play music from there without being connected to my computer)

Any ideas?

Pics upon request.

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It works but will sound terrible, unless it's a keyboard amp.
It won't sound very good at all.
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