Okay folks, I'm not much when it comes to guitar amps, I really have no idea what to look for in one...

I currently own a Line 6 Spider III 15W. And I hate it. It sounds like trash to be honest with you. It's all echo-ey. The presets are crap, and the knobs you actually care about (drive, midi, treble) don't change the sound all that much. Oh I would also like to add that with this amp on basically any mode, it sounds like the low-E string (6th) sounds like your playing bass, no matter how much I monkey with the bass knob.

As for my guitar, not sure on the exact model information, but I basically have
It looks close enough, tremolo, pickups look the same, hell its even the same color. So its not much of a guitar to brag about.

So my question for you fine folks, what kind of amp should I consider getting? I like to play some heavier sounding stuff (recently got into Amon Amarth), call it death metal if you will, but I listen to stuff in that spectrum. From reviews I've read and people I've talked to Crate and Vox make some decent amps that are easy on the wallet. I'm willing to spend anywhere from $100 to MAYBE $200. I'm not a serious guitar player, more of a wanna-be hobby.

Here is a few model's I've considered:



Also, is it only me, or do a TON of the reviews on guitar center seem like they were written by people who don't actually own the product (fake reviews)?

Anyway, looking forward to some feedback
check out the roland cube series for the styles you mentioned, can't really beat it with your budget.
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Yeah, those gc reviews are kind of a joke.

But as for the amp, the peavey vypyr seems to be getting some good reviews as far as practice amps go, and the 30watt is only 200, and the 15watt is 100. I was gonna try one today, but the local shop had sold theirs already . Anywho, you might want to look at the cubes/microcubes. They're pretty good practice amps too.
$200 can get you a Peavey Vypyr 30.
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Quote by mikeyElite
check out the roland cube series for the styles you mentioned, can't really beat it with your budget.

Seems like a good amp, hell the reviews even look semi-useful (I usually look at the number of people who find the review helpful lol)