A ten minute instrumental piece. consisting of a four acoustic guitars, backed in the second half of the song by a string quartet. It builds and dies many times over a progession of different themes.

Some of the later parts arent perfect, some of the strings sections dont quite mix well with the guitars in parts.

Will C4C if requested.
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the start harmonization was quite horrible i must say, but it got better!

Bar 73 onwards is amazing! really nicely written! and the solo at 107 with the double guitar harmony is really great! at first i thought the underlying riff sounded to fast to the rest of the song, but it really does fit.

over all a really nice song! 7/10
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Firstly, thanks for crit.

The harmonization in 4ths is very intresting, but the F# is out of the blue and quite awful to me, I'd simply have an F. Love the melodies you introduce in measure 17. Following part is nice as well, dramatic.

Bar 49, I like the melodies here, but in bar 59 it gets a bit too chaotic imo. I like the transition into Em, but the transition back doesn't work for me. The following part (bar 90) is nice though.
The transition to 120 and the different style is a bit sudden to me, but could work with a little improvement.

In the following part (and for that matter possibly in the fast part), I'd use a B7 rather than simply a B5. The melody feels kind awkard over either of those though.

The violin and cello are nice touches and all in all the first part flows nicely. The C in the bass under the Dsus2 chord feels a bit off obviously, but it resolves in a neat way and probably doesn't sound as bad live.
Except for maybe being a bit too chaotic at times, the whole cello violin part flows nicely, but is a bit repetitive.

I take it the absolute end is yet to be written (doesn't end with 282 right?), but sounds nice up until then.

All in all, I think this song needs quite some work in some places, and could be cut down or changed to not feel as repetitive. The individual material's great in places, but could be presentated better. Still, really nice work.