What are some good heavy songs to do acoustic covers of?
I'm more into heavy stuff but I would like to learn some songs that I can play and sing at the same time to entertain people.

Songs in the style of:

Roulette & Lost in Hollywood - SOAD
Any Nightwatchman
Whoring Streets - Scars on Broadway
Windowpane - Opeth

...songs like those
I'm not that interested in folk style, but I guess anything is worth a shot...

thanks in advance
Quite a few Metallica songs translate well to acoustic. Try:

Nothing Else Matters
The Unforgiven
Hero of the Day
Creep by Radiohead
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Pick a song you like and go for it.

Check out Rodrigo y Gabriella- they cover Metallica's "Orion," for one, and do several other covers on their album and live shows.

Similarly, Alex Skolnick covered his own work in Testament (as well as songs by other heavy bands) on his Alex Skolnick Trio jazz combo albums.
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