I just finished building the Confidence Boost, and really my confidence has boosted, it leaves me wanting more, i want to build more. So ive been looking around on BYOC.com. does anyone have any expirence with building the actual pedals. So of their pedals which one should i get, the leeds fuzz, the 250+, the mouse, or the OD2. im just looking for something to boost my Tiny Terror into heavier ranges, so why not buid it
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Don't go BYOC if you feel confident...

Go get schematics, source your parts in from mouser.com - much, much more rewarding.

I'd recommend a silicon fuzz face for your first build.

www.beavisaudio.com has all the tutorials you'll need for reading schematics/pedal building.
A DOD250+ is supposed to be great for a beginner builder (it is the same thing as the MXR Distotion+ apparently). I also suggest doing everything from scratch - I built my first pedal this way - a Way Huge Red Llama clone.
for schematics google, Effects Heaven, it'll be the first one, this site has heaps of pedals.

Or tonepad, this site doesn't have as many pedals but its easier to read and it has beginner advanced ratings.

So usually quality beats quantity so check out tonepad.

Keep in mind also that Guitar General Gadgets pedal kits are usually cheaper than byoc's kits