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This one I tried to keep it simple. It might sound repetative-- this is intentional. I wanted the theme to repeat. Plus it allows for the possibility of vocals later.

I played guitars, bass, piano for this.

Let me know what you think! I'm happy to listen to your stuff in return.
i dont have any stuff for u to listen to, but this is pretty ****in badass man!

"et quand le jour arrive la tourner el ciel et la tourner la mer et la mer eh ven embrasse moi et la deneh ve moi logis"
Hey man! Crit4crit?

The first thing I thought when I heard your intro and guitar tone was: Placebo. And that's a compliment! I adore your tone... Your playing was good, I didn't hear any mistakes or anything.

About the song structure itself: I love the slow buildup, but like you said, it's repetitive, even if it's supposed to be. It needs vocals, to make it completely awesome! I love it as it is already, though...

Cheers mate! Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1048026
Although it's repetative like you've said, I quite like it! Nice atmosphere it got and the solo's inbetween keep the same feeling, very good! The thing I disliked a bit where the rhythm guitars at 2 min, they sounded a bit too dirty for me, a bit less destortion and I think it would sound a bit better imho!

crit mine?
Pretty nice work, I'd say. Good slow build, and I definitely get why the repetition here is intentional. Its a nice collection of riffs, I would bring the guitar up in the mix a bit maybe, and add some compression to the drums, but other than that sounds good. I loved the section around 4:00 when the other guitar drop out, but maybe some delay or a big reverb would help that single distortion guitar fill the space.

Cool track, and thanks for the crit!
Great work there, i love the repetition! Very soothing. It doesnt throw anything at you, which in this case is good. Good buildup and a nice toning down of the song in the end. Everything just seemed to fit perfectly.

Cheers for the crit, and ill be looking forward to more of your recordings