"The one on the left and towards the back of the room,
the other dirty face in the crowd.
Slipped in through the door he came by himself,
thought maybe that he could fit in.
No one was looking when he cried in his hands,
a shred of himself that held on.

A shred of his soul that still breathed.
No one in here can believe in,

can believe in the men at the front of the mob,
but no really has a choice.
Where they're going and where they have been,
they barely know where they are.
The silence held between their conversations,
the doubt that spread faster than words.

The doubt that spread into their hearts."

*Some thoughts I typed up after discussing the issue of gangs and the loss of individuality for the sake of belonging. Not nearly a complete song but criticism and suggestions are welcome. I also enjoy criticizing other people's work so I would of course be more than happy to help you out.*
Blindfolds aside I'd probably still close my eyes

And try to feel a trembling fetal life inside
that shotgun barrel that's about to make me bleed

Like an ulcer in the stomach of the beast

Quote by Aurex
your sarcasam amuses me

I like it
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.... yeah this reminded me of being forced to fight and stuff. i liked it. it really spoke to me. it kinda reminds me of that movie "blood diamond" where the kids in africa are forced to be soldiers and they stay in to fit in. its a nice piece.

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