Hey all!

This song - 9 Crimes by Damien Rice - is an amazing piece of music that I always wanted to cover... but I needed somebody to do the female vocals with me! Fortunately, carmel_l agreed to do them for me, so here is our collab effort in covering this wonderful piece of music:

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes (by ZeGuitarist and carmel_l)

I think it turned out pretty good... Tell me what you think! Also, if you want, check out my other thread, I did another cover recently over here... I will gladly crit back if you crit either of them!

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Prety nice! I think you have a great voice! A few things that I think could improve: You sound far away, not sure but the quality of your recording seems far less if I compare it to carmel_l's. Seccond minor thing I think would improve this song would be a bit more power of the girls voice. It sound a bit reticent, A bit more power and her voice will come more to her right!

Alltogether I think this is a nice song^^ great job, and keep me updated!
Thanks! Yes, the quality of my vocals is pretty much crap, I only have a cheap 20€ mic which was lying around the house here, and it seems that Carmel's mic is a lot better oh well, I'll try to improve on that in the future!

I had no idea that carmel's voice sounded like that... I imagined something a LOT more menacing. But your voices were beautiful. Yours sounded a little muddy, but I think it's just the mic. Great job.

crit mine?
Very pretty, but I feel like something's up with the mix on the vocals. It sounds really top heavy. Bring out the bass maybe? I'm not sure what the solution is. But other than that, very nice piece!
dude, thats so good! the quality is unreal, other than the vocal are a tad muddy, nothing a better mic wouldn't solve (y) You have a good voice, i think you captured the mood of the song well, its a nice little cover

thanks for the crit btw, i think i will turn it into a real song

how do i go about putting drums to it? :S im not really sure what programs to use.
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I have to be honest, I wasn't crazy about the vocals. Any of them. They were in pitch, but lacked that certain emotion that a song like this needs. The female vocals were a little too high, and no where near powerful enough. It was kind of like she was singing but trying to not wake people up in the house. The male vocals did nothing for me until the end, when you picked it up. I'm glad you did that. You have a decent tone to your voice, not great, but decent. I think maybe you just sang it too low. It almost sounded flat. I dunno. Maybe I'm just picky.
Try some massive verb on the vocals.

And try to make the female vocals a bit bigger.

Try and make the vocals cut through and fit in a bit more.

Try a bit of compression. Squeeze them in.

The piano sounds tasty, weather it's a sampled one or not?
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