ive just got to show you this


you may know that there is a behringer clonwe of the boss super shifter, and is like mega cheap, well having listend to that video i think i can say it completly blows the digitech out of the water! listen to the smoothness of the pitch shifting, and at 2:45 in the video he plays CHORDS!! and theres no garbled horrid mess, having owned a whammy i can safely say that that sounds much more impressive, ive gotta go try one out for real, then get my good homie entrant21 to mod it to TB for me
But...it's Behringer.
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But...it's Behringer.

there is absolutly nothing wrong with behringer, it annloys me all these stupid elitists that dont like them because there cheap ort because there a less cool brand name, just because there not overpriced crap like BOSS doesnt mean they should be ignored, ive got some fantastic stuff from behringer and for the price you get so much

you can go and spend three times the money on a digitech whammy then and get your horrid garbling noise
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For the price, this seems like a genuinely amazing pedal, replicates the Whammy quite well. However, it is not the Whammy, and I personally prefer my Whammy thanks very much, and to say that this tracks better than a Whammy is obviously incorrect, it was struggling on both the high and low octaves and the shifts sound more un-natural (maybe due to lack of expression pedal IMO), I'd rather spend more on a quality product. The only thing that tracks better than a Whammy is an ElectroHarmonix HOG, which I only don't get because I use some exclusive settings on the Whammy in my music.
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The chord at 2.45 sounds the same as my whammy does. It does not blow it out of the water.
some people actually like the garbled mess the whammy makes with chords.

and it sounds worse doing the normal single note things than the whammy does.

and I'd be worried about it not working half way through a gig
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