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Awesome prog/tech melodeath band. Their last album, "End of an Era" is some great listening. Reminds me of (good) Arsis a little bit.
Metal archives says they've split, but their myspace says they still have a show coming up (with Darkane). Maybe it's their last show?
I dunno.
Just check 'em out.

I just *ahem* acquired End of an Era and it's pretty good so far.
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Someones just looked at DIS

End of an Era was pretty good though

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I've been into these guys for a little while, back in December I think though, they were having issues with their record label and ended up not being able to release their new CD (which sounds so badass from the songs on their myspace, but alas I'll probably never hear it).

Anyways, they decided to break up, but since they were scheduled to tour with Enfold Darkness (who I'm pretty sure have some if not all of the members of Inferi in the band), they ended up self-pressing 150 or 200 of their unreleased new CD, and sell it on their last tour before they disbanded. I was so sad when I found out.
Holy crap I remember these guys from way way back. It was from that thread you were talking about I think. Great stuff.
Arsis is good!

I've been listening to these guys for a bit now. NosferatuZodd knows the guitarist, so he introduced me to them a while back. Yeah, they've got no money so they've decided to disband. It's a shame, because they have a lot of talent. They said they're just retarded broke metalheads in a myspace blog.
I will have to check out the latest album, only album i have is divinity in fire, which was quite melodeath-core- symphonic goodness
I was actually at the show with Darkane. They were ****ing phenomenal. They were handing out cd's, too. Cool guys. End of an Era is really ****ing good.
what they disbanded? ****
I havent talked to Malcolm in ages

you can download it randomly, they were offering downloads for it too apparently

I plugged these guys way back in many posts but as usual recommendations go unseen

if you guys like these guys check out their friends

As Eden Burns (www.myspace.com/asedenburns)

well its a shame... but yeah Malcolm always spoke of financial problems... Willowtip should try to pick up the band like they did AEB...

oh yeah some of you should tab their songs from either album

I got a bit of In Armor done...

personally I think they rape Arsis in every way conceivable... but... I gotta say I'm liking We Are The Nightmare alot more than most of ACoG
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I talked to malcolm briefly on myspace, and he said there was some big news concerning Inferi. Maybe they're not actually disbanding.

End of an Era kicks some serious ass, and I am normally quite critical of melodeath.
I admit this is pretty cool. Givin' them a listen.

People seem to have problems with their vocs for some reason, but I don't see anything wrong. Perhaps said folks are judging it from a melodeath perspective, ergo the vocals are strange to them.

Same with Wormed for some people I suppose, but likewise, I think they work well, too.
Apparently their album is going to be released after all, good to hear, I'm gonna try and buy a copy, still in love with the whole CD.

On another note, does anyone happen to know what tuning they play in?
Time to get End of an Era, this stuff owns faces.
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The bass shredding on Warrior's Infinite Opus, as well as the outro lead to the same song, is just
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I agree.
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It's been three and a half years since anyone has posted this thread. So I'm gonna revive it. Has anyone listened to the new album yet? I just got a copy of it in the mail the other day, and it's pretty damn good. Anyone who likes Inferi should definitely check this out. Strong recommendation.