I read in an interview with Howe recently that he mostly sticks to pentatonic and natural minor or dorian. he said he sometimes ventures out into melodic minor and fancy stuff of that sort.

This song sounds "out" I imagine because there are some weird non-diatonic chords beneath the melody or something.
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I read a post he said it was dorian but when i play dorian it just sounds like regular major not very jazzt at all.

could you tell me what is used here? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fNCmiGHcHo&feature=PlayList&p=EC705D8EA601C2D8&index=3

particular in the first insane arpeggio. its like phrygianish but diminished like.

Phrygian dominant (Phrygian with the minor 3rd changed into a major 3rd

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