hey everyone,

I recently bought a used ad30htc (I had a combo until now) and now I gotta find a cab to run it through.
problem is, I'm low on budget at the moment -
I've looked into avatar cabs, but I live in Austria and unfortunately they don't ship 'em here.
I just saw a used ppc112 on ebay and thought that maybe I should go for it. I mean sure it's tiny and wouldn't use the full potential of the head, but maybe I could use it until I can save some more money for at least a 2x12" cab.
what do you think? is it just a waste of money considering the 112 is mainly made in china?

and they're connectable, right (16 ohm)? do you think I could stand a chance against our drummer with a ppc112 in our rehearsel room?

thanks in advance for your suggestions
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IMO you can't go wrong with Orange cabs and you're lucky you found one used.
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I had the Rocker 30 combo. Through a single speaker I found the R30 to sound really boxy. I think you'd be much happier long term with a 2x12.
yeah I figured, now I found a new possible solution for the same price:


it also has celestions vintage 30 built in, and it may be not the same quality as a ppc212, but what can you expect for one third of its price?

what do you think? any experience with the harley benton?
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