mite already be a thread on this.. but o well

what do u guys think of the new guitars brought out by companies this year?

i personally like the ESP V-401DX and the Schecter Damien V1 FR and the Dean DB Floyd
OMG!!! I've unwittingly stumbled into the pit..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Well, in comparison to other years I don't exactly have a valid opinion due to the fact that I was a drummer not so long ago (please, don't egg me...). But, I recently bought myself a newly released B.C Rich Warbeast ''Bloodbound'' which was most likely made purely with me in mind (I swear they're watching me).

Seriously though, It's the first heavily stylized guitar that I've found that suits my playing preferences (dark and thrashy but not without subtlety), and considering that I've been looking for a decent guitar for months I think it's great that I finally found something above average that was also affordable and looked good.

So... I am happy with it.