Can someone tell me what is a good pedalboard to get? I have 6 Boss pedals and a couple others.
List them up/post a picture of them if possible to help us out. Also, building your own is usually a more inexpensive option.
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I personally reckon buying a bit of plywood, some carpet and a drill and making your own like I did, only cost me $50 and it's massive, yet convenient. Pre-made pedalboards are a bit of a sham IMO.
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These are the pedals that I am workin with:

Boss DS-1
Boss MT-2
Boss BF-2
Boss DD-5
Boss CE-2
Boss PS-5
Crybaby Wylde Wah

Lookin for a professional board or somethin nice between 50-150 bucks.
if you have a computer desk with one of those shelves to put a keyboad on. take t out unscrew the hinges and there is your basic pedalboard you can paint it or what i did Cover the board in sexy green duct tape and velcro rows
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I suggest building you own, you can make it exactly like you want + it's fun too!
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