heavy waves clash against the graveyards gates
the surrounding area vacates with vacant lungs

"I wanna go now"

"I cant wait"

loiters scream

sunrise surprise
the hour feeds on rays
delayed reaction, inevitable
but lets just hope and pray
that we are not prey

how can one feel safe
when the only precaution
is the power lines view of space

linear equations for lunar invasions
illumination attracts anything


lets pretend green men can think

this star system is lost
the bodies hall themselves to lay
"Lock the gates they can wait"

commanding officers relay

"Just following fine print procedure"

"Sorry Ma'am admission means pay"

this is a rough copy
the majority of my work is not revised
this is straight from the dome to this post
i prefer it that way
Reaching for the sun
one may forget
the feet which
ground him
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