What, other than the string gauge you're using, affects the floppiness/bendability of strings? My guitar is equipped with a set 10-46 gauge strings while one of my friend's guitars is set with 9-42 gauge. Both tuned to D standard, both guitars have a 25.5 scale length, and my guitar strings feel a bit floppier (less tight) than my friend's, EVEN THOUGH I have a thicker gauge.

What's up with that? How can I get my guitar strings to feel tighter (not bend so easily)? I don't want to use 12 gauge strings just to have the tightness that it seems I should have with 10's.
What sort of bridges do you both have?
Typically, string thru construction will boast tighter strings, as compared to, say, a vintage tremolo (As on a stratocaster)
Back when I played my strat, I used .11s, but with my Schecter, which has string thru construction, I only use .10s, and they're fairly comparable to the strat's .11s.
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Hm, well I'm using an LTD Alexi Laiho model (Floyd Rose floating bridge with neck thru body) and my friend is using like a 300-dollar Ibanez of some sort, cheaper specs. It doesn't seem like mine should be looser
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Fair enough. But the bridges really do make a large difference. Basically, the way the strings move across the body. With string thru construction for example, it would be my assumption that because the strings appear over a larger area, and receive tension at an in between space, they'd be much tighter than a standard bridge, or even a tremolo system like yours.

Otherwise, and I'm no expert in this field - hell, I haven't even started the course! - the set up of your guitars may be different, including the string height, neck slant, and so on. Hopefully someone will come along with some clearer answers. But I hope I've helped at least a little.
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Actually his are older. Does string age affect though?

My strings generally feel tighter with age. Give it a few weeks.